Saturday, January 7, 2012

LOOK AT THE FOOD: spicy shrimp spaghetti + cubed caprese salad

In honor of this crazy balmy weather in NYC in January, I made a meal that tasted straight from the sunny days of summer. I love you, global warming. I followed a recipe by Scott Conant (whose restaurant, Scarpetta, is supposed to be quite good if anyone's looking for a rec), which got bonus points for being characterized as "fast and healthy." It definitely was fast, minus that hour I spent personally peeling and deveining our Maine shrimp and rocking out to Florence and the Machine and certainly healthy, minus those two extra hunks of butter I threw in at the end for no reason except why not. The dish was delish, but I thought it could have used a tad more flavor (even with the butter). It would probably be perfect if you actually made it in summer when tomatoes are at their prime and used the full amount of red pepper flakes (I went a little light as my tongue is permanently scarred from the one time Jer served us red pepper flakes w/ a side of spaghetti..Jer, I kid! I kid! I don't kid.) And even though Morgan and I start (and usually end) every homemade meal with baguette and brie (What, you say we're not French? C'est la vie), I felt like we needed some more cheese and made a cubed caprese salad with white beans, basil, extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, and of course tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. How could that not be good? Don't worry, it was. I had the leftovers with eggs this morning.

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